Body of Work


The application is designed to cover the basic needs of an educational tool. The aim is to enable students of visual communication to come in contact with applied projects in place either through research or as occasion offers during the day. Moreover, through the application the students will be given the opportunity to get information on the projects offered by their creators. Finally, they will have the chance to attend lessons concerning the project, which have been created by educational institutions and they relate to the issues raised by the project.

The structure of the application allows the user to follow a particular “route” so that he will go through three main stages that are necessary for the knowledge to be gained (coming in contact with the project, getting information on the project, acquiring knowledge by reason of the project).

The application is compatible with mobile smart phones and tablets. Also, the users are given the possibility of having access to their account from their desktop pc or laptop so as to be able to attend their lessons from a more convenient environment.

Screens of the app are coming soon...


Press play to watch a video presentation of the mobile application. You can stop the video at any time.

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